What is Synthetic Data Generation and its importance for AI

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Synthetic Data, a new zone in artificial intelligence frees you from the headaches of manual data acquisition, annotation, and cleaning. Synthetic data Generation solves the challenge of acquiring certain kinds of data which cannot be collected otherwise. Synthetic data generation will yield the same results as real-world data in a fraction of the time and without sacrificing privacy.




Synthetic data Generation focuses on visual simulations and recreations of real-world environments. It is photorealistic, scalable, and powerful data created with cutting-edge computer graphics and data generation algorithms for training. It’s extremely variable, unbiased, and annotated with absolute accuracy and ground truth, eliminating the bottlenecks that come with manual data collection and annotation.

TagX focuses to accelerate the AI development process by generating data synthetically to fulfill every data requirement uniquely. TagX has the ability to provide synthetically generated data is pixel-perfect, automatically annotated or labeled, and ready to be used as ground truth as well as train data for instant segmentation.