Diverticulitis Cure – Healthy Lifestyle To Cure Diverticulitis

A healthy lifestyle is the best possible diverticulitis cure. You are responsible for your own health conditions and you will suffer if you are irresponsible in this area. As a matter of fact, the person who gets diverticulitis has not realized yet that his health depends upon the food he takes in everyday. Bad eating habits includes consuming junk food, fast food, drinking alcohol, and eating chocolates on a daily basis. If you have got diverticulitis then this may be the possible reason. You can cure diverticulitis effectively by changing your diet to a high fiber and wholefood diet.

Diverticulitis occurs when some pouches formed on the colon wall get inflamed. In mild cases itself the pain will be unbearable. You can imagine how it will be in a severe case. People have even undergone surgery for removing the pus and infected area from the colon. All this happened just because of a continuous junk and low fiber diet.

When you have a low fiber diet it will start getting difficult to pass stools. You have to apply pressure every time you go to bathroom. After some time your colon will become weak because of the unnecessary pressure you are applying. Gradually the weakest areas will bulge out forming pouches. This condition of having pouches on the walls of colon is known as diverticulosis and the pouches themselves are called diverticula.

You will not even feel the formation of diverticula. So when you continue to have the same food, a small particle goes into the diverticula and causes its inflammation. This results in a diverticulitis attack.

In very light cases, you will be advised to take a high fiber diet in small proportions. This will give your colon rest and prevent pressure from building up. After some days your colon will heal and diverticulitis attack will be over. But the diverticula will be present and if you revert to bad eating habits you may face another attack.

For mild cases, the diverticulitis cure will be a liquid, low fiber diet, rest and some oral antibiotics. In severe cases you will be hospitalized and if needed an operation or surgery will be performed on the diseased portion of your colon to cure diverticulitis. Here the doctors will completely take care of your diverticulitis. You will be discharged once you show some positive signs.

To prevent any form of diverticulitis attack in the future you are advised to have a high fiber, wholesome diet. To cure diverticulitis for good you will have to maintain this new diet. This diverticulitis cure is the best one for long term.

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