Cotton Candy Healthy? Yes It Is and It Can Regrow Human Tissues!

There is a very good use for cotton candy in the medical field right now. It is pretty amazing that this festival and county fair favourite can be used to help regrow human blood vessels! No one really thinks about healthy cotton candy when you think about it being almost all air and sugar how could it be healthy? But it definitely is promoting health in this way of re-growing human tissues and blood vessels.

How they use candy to regrow blood vessels

Imagine a glob of candy, pour some chemical concoction over it and allow it to harden into a mass of a blob. Then immerse in water and let the cotton candy dissolve. Now you have this blob with hollow chambers inside that are almost a perfect replica of how blood vessels would run. Fill those chambers with synthetic blood vessels, place into human tissue where it needs regrowth. The blob is biodegradable so as new tissue and blood vessels grow in and around it, it begins to disintegrate and new tissue and blood vessels take over. Abracadabra you have new tissue and vessels using cotton candy as the basis for growth. Surprised? This is only one of many health benefits this dessert provides!

Other reasons you can call this delicious treat healthy

Did you know that some cotton candy is made from all organic ingredients? That you can actually enjoy this sinful tasting treat and feel good about your diet choices? It is true. The newest trend in healthy desserts is underway. Recipes using 100% organic ingredients makes you not feel so guilty eating your favourite festival and county fair treat!

There is also healthy cotton candy that is made with 100% organic maple sugar. It has a gorgeous amber colour, warm maple aroma and tastes amazing. It definitely does not taste healthy but it actually has antioxidants that are extremely beneficial for your body to fight off free radicals that can cause cancers and other illnesses. Many people who have tried this maple syrup candy have said it was the best treat they ever tasted.

So next time you are walking around the local county fair or festival and you are trying to stay on your healthy eating path, go ahead and have your favorite treat without the guilt without having to sacrifize the fun. Free of fat and preservatives, this dessert will make your whole family happy.

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