God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

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Both of them flew into the air and flew from the same place. Boy, did you see those pictures? The crocodile of the five elements asked Lin Tian, and it was rare that he did not howl excitedly after he was promoted as he had done before. At this time, he looked at the small tomb in the center of the locust tree. When Lin Tian heard this, he was a little moved. You saw it, too? He looked at the five-element crocodile. I see it. The five-element crocodile nodded. Next to it, the little mother gave a milky cry and raised her paws like a child, apparently to show that she had seen those pictures. At this time, needless to say, both men and beasts understood that the pictures they saw were the same. For a moment, his eyes could not help falling on the small tomb in the center of the pagoda tree forest. Although the other side seems to have suffered a very serious injury, there is no long time to live, but, as a powerful existence beyond the eternal realm, in the last years, just because of the kindness of a meal in the past year, it is like a mortal to silently dedicate the rest of his life to an ordinary village, which is really admired by the crocodile uncle. The five-element crocodile sighed. Lin Tian nodded silently and looked at the small tomb in front of him. As the Five Elements Crocodile said, the witch is indeed worthy of admiration. He looked at this small tomb, the five elements crocodile and the small Taichu are also looking at, the eyes can not help but have some slight light. In the blink of an eye, dozens of breaths passed. Let's go Lin Tiandao. Following the sound of the harp, I realized something here. Now, it's time to leave. Five elements crocodile and small Taichu nodded, Lin Tian finally looked at the witch tomb in the center of the locust forest, with five elements crocodile and small Taichu out of the small locust forest. After walking out of the pagoda tree forest, he went to the village next to the pagoda tree forest, saw with his own eyes the well that the witch had dug with the villagers of that era,Oil Dropper Bottle, saw the land that the witch had opened up with the villagers of that era, and then found the old man who had explained some things about the witch to him a month ago, and said goodbye to each other. Eh? The old man went to Huailin later and thought you might stay there for a long time, thinking of bringing you some food or something, but he didn't see you. You should have left at that time. Why did you come out again? The old man had a strange expression. It's like this. I left suddenly because of something urgent before, and I didn't have time to say hello to you. Now, the matter has been dealt with, so I came back in a hurry, thinking that I had to say goodbye to you. Otherwise, if I left without saying a word,30ml Dropper Bottle, it would be too impolite. Lin Tian said so. In fact, during this period of time, he, the Five Elements Crocodile and the Little Taichu had been living in the pagoda tree forest, and had seen the old man come to the pagoda tree forest to watch. However, at that time, in order not to let others disturb their enlightenment, he had imposed special techniques on himself, the Five Elements Crocodile and the Little Taichu. People who were not as good as him could not see them and could not feel their existence. Therefore, the old man did not see him when he went to the pagoda tree forest, thinking that he had left. Listening to Lin Tian's words, the old man suddenly said with a smile, "Yes, young man, you are really good." The more he felt that Lin Tian was really polite, because after leaving for an urgent matter, he even came back to say goodbye to him. No, this is just the minimum courtesy, the younger generation should do it. Lin Tian is very polite. Not long after that, he really said goodbye to the old man, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,30ml dropper bottle, and then walked out of the village with the Five Elements Crocodile and Little Taichu, took a last look at the locust forest in the distance, and then walked farther away. In the twinkling of an eye, he took the Five Elements Crocodile and Little Taichu out for a long distance, and then, unconsciouslyage of Jinxian, or even enter the middle stage of Jinxian. Moreover, it is said that these divine orchids have other amazing magic effects. They are almost real human flesh and bones that can kill and die. They are amazing healing medicines. No matter how many injuries they have suffered, as long as they have not really died, as long as there is a weak breath, as far as the spirit has not disappeared, these divine orchids can recover in a twinkling of an eye. There, there is a thousand magic orchid?! Besides,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, it's almost ripe?! The five elements of crocodiles shocked. Rao is Lin Tian, his eyes and face are full of surprise, looking straight at the place where the pillar of divine light rushed up. penghuangbottle.com

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